Nathaniel Hawley - Ghana 2013

Hey everyone, I just want to say a huge thank you for looking at this page. I am needing your support again this year, After renovating a school in Tanzania last April, I decided that this is something I am really passionate about and would love to continue to help,… this time is GHANA! This year I am aiming to make a difference to the lives of hundreds of local children in Ghana, Africa; I have never seen such grateful and happy people in all my life in Tanzania and I know we can all do it again in Ghana.
In total I wish to raise over £1500 for the renovation and rebuilding of two schools out there. Along with the renovating I hope to help teach along side, the children there are so grateful for the chance of an education, which is really refreshing, and such a contrast to most children back home

Your gift will pay for materials like bricks, roofing, cement, plaster, paint, equipment, local construction professionals and delivery of the supplies to the rural schools. The children will immediately benefit from their new school which will be up to the standard needed to learn in with out getting wet or falling apart on them.

There's no doubt that the need is huge to develop the lives in Africa. There are an estimated 404,000 people HIV positive in Ghana alone so given then a place where they can be correctly educated and have a chance to do more with their lives is more then great it’s a gift. The support of donors and friends like you is helping to make it possible for children living in poor areas lead happier and prosperous lives.

If you know me, then you will know that I really an genuine about helping people. If you are able to donate just a little, It really would help me and the children of Ghana out a great deal. I will be documenting the whole renovations so you will be able to see all the hard work and see all the good you're donations has helped.

Raised so far:
Target: £1500.00
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Thomas Margetta
20 January 2013

Good luck, Nate!

Diana Zadunaiskaja
16 January 2013

=) good luck! x

Beverley Chan
15 January 2013
(+ £2.50 Gift Aid)

Good Luck Nawley x

Louise Watson
29 November 2012


Bex Webb
29 November 2012


Success Photography
26 November 2012
(+ £70.00 Gift Aid)

For work as a photography assistant at this years graduation.

Jack Foxwell
26 November 2012

Good work man

Nathaniel Hawley